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Every single girl on the planet wants to believe that there are ways to grow hair faster, and though many experts have stated that there isn’t a way for hair to grow faster, many people have created remedies and various things that they have passed on for various generations already. There are plenty of things that can grow hair faster, which is why you won’t need to wait anxiously for your hair to grow. Though there hasn’t been enough scientific proof that some factors can grow hair, people will never know unless they try it out for themselves.

How to make your hair grow faster naturally.

-Brush hair

Though brushing your hair often everyday may not seem like it does much, you may be surprised on how much faster your hair will grow when you consistently brush it on a regular basis. Not only will consistently brushing your hair grow your hair faster, but it will also make your hair softer and appear much more healthy and get pretty straight. By brushing your hair at least 100 times after taking a bath or shower, your hair will grow one to two inches more hair than it will regularly.

-Wet hair

Wetting the hair is also a very great tool to growing hair faster, as the more your hair is wet, the faster it seems to grow. Wet your hair at least twice a day, and within a couple of weeks, you will then start to see your hair growing rapidly. The great thing about wetting your hair to grow is that you won’t need to apply any smelly gunk on your hair. Your hair probably won’t even grow when you do apply the stinky gunk.

-Sleeping with braids

Many women have said that sleeping with braids is an amazing and very easy way to grow hair, and though a couple extra strands will fall off, it will really be worth it once you start to see your hair growing like crazy. Make sure to not braid your hair daily, as you don’t want the strands to get hurt. Braiding your hair every other day is the smarter and best way so that there won’t be too much hair that will fall off.

-Honey and Aloe Vera

Honey and Aloe Vera is actually well known for being one of the best remedies for growing hair fast, and the best part is that the mixture combined actually has a pretty pleasant smell. All you need to do is use three aloe vera leaves and then squirt out the gel that’s inside of the leaves. Afterwards, mix the aloe vera gel with honey and then gently apply it evenly all over your hair, and then keep it on for about 20 minutes.

So now you know some ways on how to make your grow hair faster, you should really consider trying out one or even all of the factors above, as it’ll really do wonders to your hair. Though it may be a bit of a process, it will truly be worth the time invested once you start to see your hair growing rapidly.

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